What are the differences between fruit juices?

Squeezed %100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made only from fresh fruits and without  any ingredients. Lony is in the this group of juices which has only pressed fruit juice.
Concenrated % 100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made from fresh fruits, water and some chemical ingredients.
Fruit Nectar: This kind of Juice has changeable ratio of fruit which depends on variety of them. These are;
Orange Nectar  %50
Peach Nectar %40
Apricot Nectar  %35
Sour/Black Cherry Nectar   %30
Lemon Nectar   %25
Fruit Beverage:
This kind of drink has minumum %10 of fruits.
Beverage With Fruit Aroma: This kind of drink has under %10 of fruits


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Tomatoes contain minerals and a lot of  vitamins such as В1, В2, В3, В6, В9, Е and especially the big quantity of vitamin C.

Tomato juice well stimulates the formation of gastric juice, it improves the activity of heart and helps to reduce blood preasure. Also it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Tomatos makes digestion more easy and prevent the body from keeping excess water.

One glass of tomato juice can provide you half of daily need in vitamin A and C.


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