What are the differences between fruit juices?

Squeezed %100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made only from fresh fruits and without  any ingredients. Lony is in the this group of juices which has only pressed fruit juice.
Concenrated % 100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made from fresh fruits, water and some chemical ingredients.
Fruit Nectar: This kind of Juice has changeable ratio of fruit which depends on variety of them. These are;
Orange Nectar  %50
Peach Nectar %40
Apricot Nectar  %35
Sour/Black Cherry Nectar   %30
Lemon Nectar   %25
Fruit Beverage:
This kind of drink has minumum %10 of fruits.
Beverage With Fruit Aroma: This kind of drink has under %10 of fruits

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Apple tree is known to the humanity since the ancient times. It was famous in Egypt, Palestin, Greece, Rome. Apples contain vitamins such as  C, B6, B, P also carotin and a lot of iron, manganese, calcium, pectins, sugars, organic acids. Apple  is a fine means against a sclerosis, intestinal infections, illnesses of heart, kidneys, a hypertension, adiposity, an anemia, a gout, stones in kidneys.

Apple juice strengthens well cardiovascular system and it is useful for people of brainwork. It has blood production feature.

Apples as the most of fruits almost do not contain fat because on 87 % consist of water so they are quite good for growing thin. Apples are good for improving  of sight, skin, hair and nails and also for elimination of diseases of nervous character.

Apples operate salutarily at a low blood pressure and hardening of vessels because they are the powerful cleaner of blood . Also they are useful for the lymphatic system and they contains elements thanks to which organism  acquires better iron from other products, for example, from eggs or a liver

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