What are the differences between fruit juices?

Squeezed %100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made only from fresh fruits and without  any ingredients. Lony is in the this group of juices which has only pressed fruit juice.
Concenrated % 100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made from fresh fruits, water and some chemical ingredients.
Fruit Nectar: This kind of Juice has changeable ratio of fruit which depends on variety of them. These are;
Orange Nectar  %50
Peach Nectar %40
Apricot Nectar  %35
Sour/Black Cherry Nectar   %30
Lemon Nectar   %25
Fruit Beverage:
This kind of drink has minumum %10 of fruits.
Beverage With Fruit Aroma: This kind of drink has under %10 of fruits


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Pomegranate is one of the ancient fruits that are known to the human. It contains 8-19% of  sugars, fruit acids, limon acid, tannin, Vitamin C, iron and potassium.

Pomegranate is useful for those who recover after infections, cough, an anemia. It can be used as a prevention of cardiovascular and cancer diseases.

Besides it pomegranate helps to rid the body  from toxins thanks to its powerful antioxidant feature.

It is proved that a glass of pomegranate juice contains antioxidants equal to 2 glasses of wine.

It is recommended to drink pomegranate juice before meal - it improves appetite and promotes good digestion.

And also pomegranate juice strengthens a cardiac muscle, raises hemoglobin, stimulates a metabolism, improves quality of blood, deduces " rubbish" from organism and raises resistibility of the human body to radiation.



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