What are the differences between fruit juices?

Squeezed %100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made only from fresh fruits and without  any ingredients. Lony is in the this group of juices which has only pressed fruit juice.
Concenrated % 100 Fruit Juices: This kind of juice is made from fresh fruits, water and some chemical ingredients.
Fruit Nectar: This kind of Juice has changeable ratio of fruit which depends on variety of them. These are;
Orange Nectar  %50
Peach Nectar %40
Apricot Nectar  %35
Sour/Black Cherry Nectar   %30
Lemon Nectar   %25
Fruit Beverage:
This kind of drink has minumum %10 of fruits.
Beverage With Fruit Aroma: This kind of drink has under %10 of fruits


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Grape relates to the group of plants that is very valuable for human. It is an excellent strengthening and toning up means. Grape contains sugar, organic acids,  ascorbic acid, vitamin B, pectinaceous substances, microcells, enzymes and cellulose.

It is proved that grape has a stimulating affect on the marrow. This promotes the improvement of functions of hemopoietic organs.

Grape is a good source of potassium. Having drunk a glass of grape juice you will provide your organism with the daily need in vitamins of the group B, they will help you not only in struggle against endless stress but also will make your hair shining, nails strong.

Besides it grape refines the organism from toxins, supports the prevention of the cellulite formation and has blood production feature.

Grape contains a big quantity of vitamin C and it means a good protection from microbes and bacteriums and preservation of the skin elasticity for a long time.


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